Government/ Research Contract Reports

Pictou Landing Native Women’s Group and H. Castleden, D. Lewis, R. Jamieson, M. Gibson, D. Rainham, R. Russell, D. Martin, and C. Hart “Our Ancestors Are in Our Land, Water, and Air”: A Two-Eyed Seeing Approach to Researching Environmental Health Concerns with Pictou Landing First Nation Final Report 2010–2016. pages117 (pdf).

Asamany, E.A., Gibson, M.D., Wilson, C., Patrick, E., Pegg, M.J. (2015). Report to Lafarge Cement Inc. Used tires as an alternative fuel in cement kilns_AFRG_210715_pp1-31 (pdf)

Cynthia Ballon, Pierre Band, David Chettle, Eric Dewailly, Mark Gibson, Michael Kobor, Tom Kosatsky, Bruce Lamphear, Ling Liu, Len Ritter and Frances Silverman, 2011. Environmental Health Research Plan: Report of the Health and Environment Experts Group to Health Canada/Canadian Institute of Health Research.

Environment Canada, Canadian Smog Science Assessment 2011. Contributed text related to ozone concentrations in Nova Scotia.

Particulate Matter in the UK. Second report of the Air Quality Expert Group, 2005. Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, London, UK. Report no. PB10580. ISBN 0-85521-143-1. Contribution to Chapter 6., pages 182 & 183. (Report Summary)

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